Back home and a trip to the doctor

Sooo we just got back from one AMAZING trip filled with concertsand just all-around fun!!!! I took along a cookies n’ cream luna bar and an oatmeal raisin one, and suprisingly, I liked the oatmeal one the best. Usually I go for ANYTHING chocolate. Although, maybe the fact that the cookies n’ cream one was gooey and melted had something to do with my problem…. hmmmm
We went to Mcalister’s today for lunch, and you know that I got a chicken tortilla soup bread bowl!!!! YUM!!! We ended up not stopping to eat an actual lunch, snacking in the car(I had a luna and a mini PEPPERMINT PATTIE!!) and eating a meal around 4.
I’ll probably just have a light dinner, but who knows? I might just get a craving for something heavier….we’ll see.

So tomorrow I’m going to the doctor to have my physical (first in 3 years), and I’m so NERVOUS about it!! Originally my appointment was for 3 weeks from now, but there was a cancellation. I reaaaally don’t like going to the doctor’s. Pray please!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s all for now…so until next time =P


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