Not a happy napkin morning….

What is a happy napkin day you ask? It is what my family calls a day where everything goes just right. Let me give you a few examples of what is and what isn’t a happy napkin day.

Your mocha morning protein smoothie oozes out of the bottom of your blender.  Not a happy napkin day

My mocha morning mess.

You didn’t spill anything else or make any other sort of mess. Happy napkin day.

Your camera decides that, after taking pictures of your breakfast, it doesn’t want to work any longer, and you can’t find batteries. Not a happy napkin day.

You did, in fact, manage to make a decent pot of coffee. Happy napkin day.

You are going to the doctor in a few hours. Not a happy napkin day.

So, now hopefully I have made clear the concept of a happy napkin day and we can move on. =D

I did actually manage to salvage some of my smoothie, which, in spite of causing a huge mess, was actually pretty good. I also ate a yummy bowl’o grits (of the quaker instant variety), which I enjoyed with some chopped up bell pepper, salt and black pepper. Oh and though I forgot to mention this yesterday, I had this a wonderful breakfast at the hotel. Instead of making instant oatmeal with water or milk, I used spiced tea!! Soooo good. I’m going to have to buy me some oats!!!!

So here’s my breakfast:

Smoothie(see the Luna bar in the background? yuuuum! saving it for later)

Grits before

Grits after.

I don’t know if I’ll be taking any more pics today, but at least you got to see this morning’s. Maybe it was more of a happy napkin morning than I thought! God bless!!!!

Until next time =D


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