Back Yard Burgers and a visit with Grandmama

Well, the doctor’s appointment went well, the doctor that I saw was soooo nice, and apparently nothing at all is wrong with me even though it has been 3 years since I last had a physical exam (whoops!!). Because I didn’t know exactly how long the appointment would last, I ate a delicious  Nutz over Chocolate Luna Bar before we left. Yes, it is in fact the same Luna that made an appearance in today’s morning post, and here’s another pic of it:Yummy peanut-y chocolatey goodness!!!!

We ended up going to Back Yard Burger for lunch, where I got a wonderful Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich(no mayo, which I can’t stand!!). Don’t have a pic, but it had grilled chicken, lettuce and pineapple! Soooo good!!!!!!

We visited with my grandmother during the afternoon, and made a skirt from an old pair of my jeans! It turned out really cute!!!!!!!!!! Then we came home, had dinner (veggie soup, a sweet potato and a yogurt) and now we’re all just hangin’ out. For those who don’t know, to me hangin’ out is not hangin’ out if a spoonful of pb(or two…..or three) is not consumed! Either that or some sort of chocolate bar. Because there was no chocolate in the house…………..I had pb!!!!!! yuuuummy!!!!!!!!!!

That’s about it so until next time!!!!


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