Loving ME (via Heather’s Dish)

This is the most inspirational story! It is pretty close to what I am going through now, and I hope that I will one day be at the place where Heather is now; loving myself because I was created by the Lord. This will definitely be a blog that I will follow from now on.

Loving ME Morning everyone! How are y’all today?  It’s Friday after all…time to DANCE! 🙂 Last night Nate and I had the privilege of meeting up with a new-to-Colorado blogger, Heather, and her boyfriend Dustin!  We decided to do one of the amazing Boulder happy hours at Laudisio, which is a restaurant I’ve wanted to try for the longest time: I started off with a Cape Cod (vodka, cranberry juice, and a twist of lime): Nate and I decided to split an order … Read More

via Heather’s Dish


2 responses to “Loving ME (via Heather’s Dish)

  1. aw, thanks for the shout-out girl! you will get there…just remember it’s about the journey, not the destination 🙂

    • thanks so much!!!! I had a bad day today and your story was a reminder that, even though there will be tougher days, I can and will make it!! =D

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