No breakfast and a visit to a lab

Guess what???? My doctor has sent me to do some more tests at ANOTHER lab, so I got to wake up early AND will eat breakfast late. Fun stuff.

So anyway, I’m going to leave in about 20 minutes, so that we’ll be there when they open at 8:30 and hopefully won’t have to wait long. Then I can run in, do the tests, come home and eat. Today IS a pilates day, so I’ll have my favorite protein shake, the mocha one =D and a cup of yogurt with jello pudding mix stirred in(a recipe that I got from Peanut Butter Fingers)!!!! LOTS OF CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!! Then I’ll exercise, and eat, surprise surprise, a Luna Bar!!!! I love those things!!!!

I really have missed being  as active as I used to be, so I really look forward to the days that I get to do some sort of light exercise routine!! I just hope that there isn’t a large line at the lab!!!!

Pray for me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See ya later


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