One scary nurse and a trip to the movies

It really stinks to drive out 20 min to a lab, only to find out that they no longer recieve patients and that they have another office 5 min away from your house. It also really stinks to find all of this out on an empty stomach.

So, 40 min later, we walk in to the other office and I’m greeted by a nurse who tells(barks at) me not to faint because someone already has today and she doesn’t want to deal with it again. Good news is that we were in and out in less than 10 minutes. After the trip to the doctor’s, we ran by Kroger, where I immediately bought a Luna Bar to snack on, and did the rest of the week’s shopping. I bought a can of chickpeas, which I have never eaten, so if anyone has any recipes, feel free to comment and tell me!!!!!! I also bought some cottage cheese to try!!!!!

When we got home, I did my pilates routine (its the 20 min less is more from….classy I know :P) and drank my mocha protein shake….except I doubled the amount of coffee in it……guess I needed caffeine!!!  It was reaally good though, wish that I had a pic, but I still haven’t gotten around to buying batteries…..whoops.

We’re gonna have an early lunch today, and I’m plannin’ on a pb sammich with some chocolate yogurt pudding and a peach, and anything else that happens to strike my fancy. Strange how missing just one meal throws the entire day off.

Later, I’m goin’ to the movies with some of my close friends!!!!!!!!! They chose Ramona and Beezus, which, while it may not be my first choice (hello inception and salt!!!!) will be cute and at least I get to spend time with them before school starts tomorrow!!!!! For them anyway……..I study online so I just have long days of sitting at home doing schoolwork ahead of me………super fun :P.

That’s about it for now………..catch ya’ll later!!!!


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