Breakfast o’ the Champions and the beginning of school

Heey everyone!!!! Last night I was so excited about the cottage cheese and the fact that I liked it, I planned to incorporate it into my breakfast (maybe with some cereal or fruit). This morning, on the other hand, my stomach said that it wanted good old fashioned, piping hot, grits and who was I to deny it? Soo grits it was, along with, you guessed it, a mocha protein shake. I really like those things……..maybe its the 2 cups of coffee (yes, I upsized). So there you have it, my breakfast of the champions. I have a friend who eats ANYTHING for breakfast: hot pockets, chinese, and so on. What is your breakfast of the champions?

Why am I up so early you ask? I start school today!!!! Now let me explain, I study at home, but I download my weekly schedule, posted by my teachers, off of the internet. Its pretty cool, actually. This year I have some interesting courses, but one of them, Webpage design, I’ll only be taking next semester. =( I skipped integrated science and went straight to Chem., I have recieved a lab kit from school and am hoping that some time over the course of the year I will blow something or another up. =D

Well, I have to actually start on my work in a minute, but I have one more announcement. I’m not gonna post my snacks every day any longer, because I eat practically the same thing (hello luna bars and yogurt parfaits). So from now on, I’ll only post the more original snacks, (or the better luna flavors =P) because I really don’t want to bore you all to absolute death!

One question:

Do you eat the same thing as a snack every day, or do you prefer to change it up?

See you later, alligator (corny, yes I know)!


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