School overload and a turkey sandwich

Wow! That’s all I can say! For those of you out there who think that internet school would be easy, think again!! Some teachers gave us poor students an easy reentry into the school system, but others……! Almost 100 math questions just to start with, a chem TEST, 4 chapters of bible study book, an essay, 2 chem labs, and more! suuuper fun…….

So, to de-stress myself, I made a yummy turkey sammich!!!! It had a couple slices of oscar mayer shaved cracked pepper turkey (not too “healthy”, but oh so good), some salsa verde, banana peppers, bell pepper and lemon juice, which I stole from bk(it came in a little packet, and I love lemon juice on salads and stuff =P) !!!! Sounds strange, but tastes wonderful!! I also figured that I deserved a nice little dessert of a three musketeers mini!!!! Those things are wonderful!!!! Now all I have to do is buy some mini peppermint patties and I’ll be set!!  Or, I’ve been DYING to try the mint three musketeers, which sounds like a cross between my two favs!!! Has anyone had one yet? If so, what does it taste like?

I’m taking a quick break to blog all of this, and then its back to work for this girl!! We’re having a friend come over for dinner later, soooo we’re gonna cook a nice big brazilian meal of rice, beans and chicken (seasoned with the not so brazilian mccormick garlic, wine and herb marinade). YUMMY!!!! I can’t wait for school to be over!!!!!!

Tchau!!!! (bye in portuguese =P)


2 responses to “School overload and a turkey sandwich

  1. i didnt even know they made a mint mustketeer!! oh i definitely hope it gets a good review because i really wanna try one! thanks for your comment btw, im glad u can relate to having to start school soon. urgh except youve got it much worse with the tests and labs etc. good luck!! hopefully u dont get too stressed out ❤


    • I know!!! I’m soo excited about the musketeer!!!! Just as we were checking out the other day I saw a pack!! I’ll definitely be buying them in the near future!!!!
      About the comment, no problem!! I love reading other people’s blogs!! Doesn’t the end of summer just absolutely stink? I mean the holiday is so wonderful that going back to school just seems almost depressing!!!! At least I’m at home….even though I already have an essay to write =(…blegh! When do you start back????

      thanks for commenting on my blog! =D

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