A brand new smoothie and an afternoon out

So, ya’ll have waited patiently………..do ya want to know what my smoothie was this morning????

If you do, here it is:

1 container of Kroger Carbmaster yogurt(I used raspberry), as much oj and water as you need to make 10 oz (depends on how orangey you want the smoothie to be), half of a frozen plum, a couple of tbsp of cottage cheese (you don’t taste it at all, its just there to add creaminess and protein)!! Thats it!! It was sooooooooooooo good!! Fruity and refreshing and still had about 14 grams of protein!!!! Wohoooo!! Of course, that is just what I decided to use, the beauty of a smoothie is that you can ALWAYS change it up. Use a different juice, more fruit, milk instead of juice, just water, coffee, add sherbet instead of yogurt…..the choices are endless!!!!!!! Gotta love a recipe like that! =D Do you like smoothies or shakes???? If so, what’s your favorite recipe?

Later this morning, the same friend who came over last night is coming by to pick me up and take me to lunch, and then to the Whole Foods Market!!!!! I haven’t been there yet, so I’m pretty excited about it!!!!!!!!!! Also, just like I did last week, I have confirmation class at church at 2 pm, which is good!!!! What it all means, though, is that I’ll probably just end up posting again tonight, with one BIG post summarizing the day!

I actually ended up doing today’s schoolwork yesterday……so now I have time to blog!!!! =D I’m also gonna do my typical pilates routine in a little while. That’s about it for now!!!!



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