Chocolate Oatmeal and a Math Test

Just an update on last night:

It was suuuuper fun!! We just had an awesome time hangin’ out and being together!! Right up until I fell asleep (whoops =P). It was still awesome anyway!!!!

Chocolate oatmeal, you ask?? Yes!!!!!!!!! It is soooooooooooo good and actually ends up with less calories than already flavored oatmeal!!!! I just made my oats the way I usually do (with water), and added a heaping tbsp of choc. protein powder (you can use cocoa), a tsp of dark choc. pb (with maybe another tsp that went straight into my mouth), and stirred it all together!!!!! Soooo good!  I downed it all with a big ol’ glass of orange juice. It was the perfect Friday breakfast!! Chocolate and peanut butter together in my oatmeal!!!!!!!!!!

That breakfast actually helped put me in a good mood for today. I ALREADY have my first math test of the year!!!! blegh But I have done all of the other classes’ work, so when I’m done with the test, I’m done with everything!!!! Oh the beauty of studying at home and making my own schedule.

That’s about all I’ve got for now!!!!!!

Catch ya’ll later =D


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