Math test completed and random cravings

This is soooooooo like me:

I’ve been doing these HUGE 90-100 question math assignments since school started, and TODAY I found out that there were other 20 question assignments, that I was supposed to do instead!! ughhhh! Well, at least now I know………..

I have already taken the test…….got a 100!!!! whoop whoop! =P To congradulate myself, I made a big ol’ raspberry yogurt parfait with chex mix and granola! sooo good!!

For lunch, I had two slices of shaved pepper turkey on a Nature’s own sandwich round, along with some salsa verde, mustard, bell pepper, and onions. yummy! On the side, I had some boiled potatoes and, now for the random part, a pickle and a CowPals string cheese! I don’t even usually eat string cheese by itself…I use it to make microwave quesadillas! =P Well, it was good anyhow! =P

Now, all I have left for school is to read a couple of chapters out of a book and answer a few questions!!!!! Then, it’s officially the weekend, baby! whooohooo

Talk to ya’ later!!


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