Why I didn’t post and a busy day(weekend)

I’m soooooo sorry that I didn’t post last night! My sister and I watched a movie (yes, another one) and I immediately crashed. I guess school had really stressed me out, even more than I realized.

But, last night’s dinner was sooo good that I have to at least mention it here. Mom bought us some shrimp, because she doesn’t like them herself, and I used some of them to make a shrimp burrito!! I spread some mashed-up black beans on a tortilla, put the shrimp (seasoned with spicy season-all) on next, spread a cottage cheese mixture (cc with fajita seasoning, garlic salt, and pepper) and then put some of the chopped veggies that I mentioned a couple days ago. It was soooo yummy! The rest of my shrimp I ate with just a little spicy season-all on them. I also ate an orange tomato with some more cottage cheese (just plain this time =D). I finished it all of with, yet another, three musketeers!!! whooooo!!! It was an awesome friday meal (or any other day for that matter)!!!!!!!

For today’s breakfast, I was craving something simple and familiar. I’ve been tryin’ out some new stuff (hello choc. pb oatmeal) which I’ve really liked, but just like yesterday with the string cheese, when my body tells me what it wants, I try to listen. Otherwise, I usually end up really grumpy. Does that happen to anyone else?

Anyhow, I made my favorite mocha protein shake, which I haven’t made in a while and ate a bowl of butter-flavored grits! Pretty simple, I’ll admit, but there was something comforting in its simplicity! Also, for the first time, I added just a dash of cinnamon to my shake, and it was pretty awesome!

We’re gonna be out and about pretty much all weekend! Goin’ to my grandmother’s this morning, then visiting my aunt (one of my mom’s sisters) later on. My aunt is watching one of my cousin’s kids, because the other one is having his tonsils out. Also, this cousin’s mom, my mom’s other sister, is with another one of her daughters in NJ, because that daughter is in the hospital. Soo a pretty complicated time for that side of the family….please be praying for them all!!!!! I sure hope that I made sense. =P

Tomorrow, we’re gonna help a friend of mine sort through some clothes that they’re gonna donate. Usually she does it alone,  but we decided to help her since we’re here anyway. Also, her family is gonna have a CRAZY week, because one of her siblings is having surgery. Please pray for them also!!!!

Guess what? My dad gets in this week!!! I’m soooo excited!!!! It has been 6 weeks since I last saw him!!!!! Can’t believe how time has flown. He arrives Thursday, and next Tuesday we set out on a 2 week road trip! Gotta visit lots of people! Then, we’ll spend 2 weeks here, and set out for yet another 2 weeks of traveling!

Well that’s about it for now……sorry again about not posting last night!

See ya’ sometime soon! I don’t know when I’ll be able to post next =(



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