A biiiiiiiiiiig day

Before I get started on school talk, I HAVE to tell you about the wonderful smoothie that I had this morning. I know, I know…I have a smoothie every morning. But let me tell you, today’s was SPECIAL and also involved no chocolate, which for me, is odd. Anyway, last night I put some peach slices and a container of peach yogurt in the freezer. This morning, I put some orange juice in the blender along with said yogurt and peach slices. Then I added some sugar and cottage cheese(for extra protein :P) and blended. It was soo thick, I had to eat it with a spoon at first!!!!!!! Perfect way to start the day!

I know that to most, 5 hours of school doesn’t sound like much. But I’m not talking about a normal school, where you have a 7 hour day that includes lunch, breaks, distractions,etc. I’m talking about a total of 5 hours in which I did nothing but schoolwork. I’m homeschooled (or internet-schooled, whichever =P), and a typical day is about 3 hours of work(minus lunch and snacks =P). I did a LOT of extra work today because tomorrow, some family from West Virginia will be in town and we’re going to go see them.

I did, however, get to go to Panera Bread for the first time EVER. It was sooooo yummy!!!!!!! I got half of a strawberry poppyseed chicken salad(no pecans….blegh) and a cup of garden vegetable soup with pesto. Sooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I came home and did more school.

Also, I found out that my camera is officially dead and cannot be fixed, which stinks. =(

In a couple of hours a friend (the same one that came for dinner wed. and who took me to Whole Foods) is coming for dinner again. We’re gonna have sweet potatoes, corn and hamburger steaks w/ mushrooms.

That’s about it for now…………



2 responses to “A biiiiiiiiiiig day

  1. i love how u blended cottage cheese in!!! peaches and cottage cheese go good together so its no suprise that the smoothie turned out to be a better success than imagined! i get really excited when i make an amazing smoothie! ahhh the yummy refreshment 🙂

    • I know!! Peaches and cottage cheese are classic….if I had been thinking, I would have put some cottage cheese on my toast w/ peaches this morning! Smoothies are the PERFECT breakfast for a hot day, don’t you think??

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