BBQ with Family

Before I get started on the BBQ, I just want to say that breakfast was AWESOME!!!!!! My typical mocha protein smoothie with a sandwich round. I topped half of the round with grape jelly and the other half with peach slices and cinnamon. Couldn’t make my mind up! =P It was simple and quick, but yummy!!!! I also tried a new exercise tv pilates routine today….difficult, but a good workout.

In about 15 minutes, we’re leaving for my grandmother’s. Some family from West Virginia is coming in and we’re having a BBQ!!!!! I’m soooo excited!! Haven’t seen them in 3 years!!!! Of course, I also have to take some schoolwork because there is a LOT of it…….but now I’ll have something to do on the 1 hour trip to my grandmother’s! =P

Then, we’re going to visit a friend of my mom’s for a little while, and then we’re heading home!!!!!!! A big day, and just because of that, I did most of today’s work yesterday!!! =P Don’t want to have to worry about school while visiting with family!!!

That’s all folks =P



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