Lots more school and spending the night at a friend’s

So I’m FINALLY finished with most of today’s word!!!!!! Yaaaay! =D It took me a while, but I DID stop for lunch, of course. Today’s sandwich was 1 tsp regular creamy pb and 1 tsp dark chocolate pb with some fresh peach slices on a Nature’s Own sandwich round! On the side, I ate some more peaches, cottage cheese (YUM), a pickle and a mini three musketeers. It seems as though I have a slight addiction to three musketeers. I guess worse things could happen, though.

I am supposedly working on a US history timeline, but I took a quick break to blog. Shhhhh! Its our secret =P. Tonight, I’m going to a friend’s youth service at her church and then spending the night at her house! yaaay! We leave at around 5:30 ish, so I’ll eat dinner before and snack later!! I have really enjoyed the youth group both times that I have gone.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll come straight home to do school. Tomorrow night my dad arrives!!!!!! I’m planning on going to the airport =D. Tuesday, we already hit the road for 2 weeks!!!!

Well, that’s really about it. School sort of slows down social life, doesn’t it?

see ya later


One response to “Lots more school and spending the night at a friend’s

  1. yea ive always felt school slowed down my social life for sure! some people say they have a better social life during school but im not sure how they do it. im too stressed and need more alone time i think.. but thats just me.

    have a great night love 🙂

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