Trip preparations

I got started on school suuuuper early today, so that I could spend the afternoon getting ready to leave tomorrow. I’ve already done all of my work AND exercised!!!!! I’m a little nervous about the trip, though…

Breakfast was boring oatmeal, sooo I’m gonna skip to lunch!!!!

Lunch was wonderful!!! I made mini pizzas on both halves of a sandwich thin. I put marinara, bell pepper, onion, chicken and mozzarella on each. I ate them with some cucumber slices, a pickle and a fig newton! Sooo good!!!!!!

Just now, I decided to use the can of chickpeas that has been sitting in the cabinet. No, I did not make hummus, because I’m too lazy. =D I washed the chickpeas and then mixed them with some cumin, garlic salt, spicy season-all and pepper. Then, I put them on a skillet sprayed with cooking spray and roasted them for a few minutes. Sooo simple, yet sooo tasty!!!!  I’m gonna use them in snack bags for tomorrow!!!!

Here’s the more exact recipe:

1 can of chickpeas

.25 tsp of garlic salt, pepper, cumin, season-all or to taste

Cooking spray

After draining and rinsing the chickpeas, put them in a bowl and add the seasonings. If you want, you can change up the amounts or the seasonings themselves, depending on what you like. Then, put the chikpeas in a large skillet sprayed with cooking spray or with a tsp of oil. Cover and roast the chickpeas on med-high until they start to make popcorn noises, or for about 5 minutes. Enjoy!!!!!

That’s about all that I’ve got for now….



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