Long time, no post

Heeey!! I’m soooo sorry its been so long since I posted!!!! You know how it is….hours in the car w/ no internet access, then a whirlwind tour of whatever city you’re in…fun, but doesn’t allow a whole lot of free time! Well……..I’m baaaaaack!!!! =D
I would l=just like to stop and dedicate a small portion of this post to the wonderful creation that is greek yogurt! I just recently tried it, and have ALREADY fallen in love! =D
Also, because we’ve been on the cost for most of this trip, I’ve had the opportunity to experiment lots of seafood dishes!!!!! yummy!!! I’ve had cajun tilapia, mahi mahi with mango salsa, and my favorite, shrimp creole. If you have never had shrimp creole, you must!!!!! It’s shrimp simmered in a spicy tomato sauce with tons of veggies, served over rice or pasta. When I ordered it at a Cajun restaurant, I may or may have not eaten an ENTIRE platter of it……..whoops! =D Another new passion is strawberry italian ice!!! It is soooo refreshing!!

As for school, I attempted to cram two weeks in to one so that I could take this past week off. Talk about fun =P. It payed off though, because I got to spend hours swimming and tanning at the pool and the beach, spending time with my family and meeting new people. It’s been a great trip, but now I’m pretty tired and looking forward to getting home tomorrow. Of course, I have already started back to school in full force….which is probably good, because at least I’ll have something to do in the car =D.

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That’s about it for now, I’ll post either tonight or tomorrow evening!!!!!!

Happy Labor Day, everyone!!


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