Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, I Love Thee

Guess what I had for breakfast???? Hmmmm

If you said Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, you’re right!!!!! Now how on earth did you guess?? hahaha

Anywho, I didn’t happen to have any yogurt this morning, so I pulled out a package of instant apple cinnamon irish oatmeal! It was soooo good!!!!! When, I made it, the whole house filled with its yummy aroma!!!! I think I could write a poem about it…..nah, I’ll spare you that one! Along with my bowl’o oats, I had my first mocha protein shake in over 2 weeks!!!!! I made this one a little differently though, with 2 scoops of Aria vanilla protein powder, a heaping tablespoon of jell-o chocolate pudding mix and coffee. It was amazing, if I do say so myself!!!!!!

Now, I’m both doing school work and blogging. How is that possible you ask? I’m supposed to be researching for a History paper, but I took some time off! =P Don’t worry, it is not due until Friday, and it’s actually pretty easy! Oh  and before I forget, I just had the chocolate chip brownie larabar!!!!! It is wonderful! I definitely reccommend it to anyone who likes Larabars!!!!!!!

On a sad note, a good friend of my family’s passed away recently, and we’re going to the funeral later on today. Pray for his family and friends please!!!!!

Well, I guess I should actually do my research………se ya’ll later!!!


2 responses to “Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, I Love Thee

  1. I’m sorry about the passing of your family’s friend 😦
    We’ve lost a few good friends of ours this past year and its been pretty rough. Sending my love, prayers and hugs your way and to your family as well.

    ps. Hopefully you dont get too distracted by the larabars to write your History paper 🙂 maybe let me hold on to them while you work hehe.


    • Thank you so much! He hadn’t been doing well for a while, but it was still so sad to see him go.
      Well, thanks for the offer of holding on to the larabars, but I think that I might just be able to keep from beeing distracted (and as soon as i finish my paper, eat one!!! :D)

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