You know those days when you wake up just feeling sorta gross?? Well, I’m having one of those.

It doesn’t make any sense, really. Last night was wonderful and finished with a cherry limeade from sonic! This morning, I had a yummy bowl of overnight oats w/ strawberry yogurt and vanilla protein powder for breakfast. This should all contribute to a wonderful day!

But instead, I feel sluggish, slightly queasy and tired. I went ahead and worked through a lot of my school because I literally had nothing else to do. =P So now, I just had lunch and decided to come and vent on my blog. After all, if I can’t vent on my own blog every once in a while, what good is it? =D

Well, I am sorry if my complaints are annoying or obnoxious, and I promise that my next post will be decidedly more upbeat! Especially if dinner involves the massive sweet potato that I have sitting in my cabinet.

Also, I would just like to say how much I enjoy reading other foodie blogs!!!!!! It is really and truly one of my favorite things to do!!!!!!!!!!!


3 responses to “Blegh

  1. YES! omg thats how i feel right now!!!! URGH- im right there with you love 😦


  2. omg and for dinner im making sweet potatoes!!! IRONIC! but theyre great for boosting serotonin.. so hopefully after we’ll be swimming in happy chemicals together 🙂

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