Calorie Counting No More!

 I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but I’ve struggled with weight and self-esteem issues recently. First, I wanted to lose just a little weight, and then lost waaay too much, but still didn’t want to allow myself to have treats. I’ve been getting a whole lot better (eating chocolate every day =D), and God has really helped me through this.

The only thing that I hadn’t yet given up was calorie counting. For some reason, I thought that it would help me. Don’t get me wrong, it may work for some of you, but it just stresses me out. So, as of today, I’m not gonna count my calories. I still want to eat healthily, and I trust myself to know when I need to eat more and when I can treat myself. I’m just gonna do what I should have been doing all along: listen to my body.

Breakfast was boring, grits and a Chobani greek yogurt. Tasty, though.

Lunch was yummy. I made a GINORMOUS salad, with lettuce, bell pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, onion, mushrooms and strawberries. I topped it with some cottage cheese and a drizzle of honey dijon salad dressing! On the side, I ate a string cheese and a three musketeers mini. Sooo good!!!!!!!

We’re taking it pretty slow today…..the only thing on the agenda is having some friends over at 3 ish. I’m looking forward to a nice, relaxing Saturday!

God bless and happy saturday!


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