Loooong day

As most of you know, I am currently dealing with an eating disorder. I’m getting a whole lot better, but still need to gain some weight. Today, I went and talked with a psychiatrist(ugh) for the first time. It was pretty stressful, and I’ve had the worst day in a long time. I went ahead and did most of today’s work yesterday, so that I would have time to mentally prepare for today =D.  I have come to understand in the past few weeks that it is possible to maintain a healthy, yet indulgent lifestyle. I don’t ever want to go down the starvation road again!!!!!!!! Please pray for me, so that God will help me have a successful recovery. I have really enjoyed blogging, even though I don’t have much traffic yet, I fell that this blog has been a great way for me to register what is going on and to look back and see my progress.

Wow! I am soooo sorry if I bored you all with my musings on life. Lets move on to something much more exciting: food.

Actually, both breakfast and lunch today were boring, but I’m really excited about dinner!!!!!! Lemon pepper tilapia!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!

I’ll cook the fish and serve it with some rice and something else which I have yet to think of. =D

That’s pretty much all I’ve got for now……….oh! go check out pbfingers.com! Julie posted some interesting stuff about nutrition today!!!!!!!!


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