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Surprising my sister

Sooo sorry about not posting anything yesterday…….I went out with my dad for lunch at McAlister’s!!!!!! Soo yummy! My absolute favorite thing to get there is the Chicken Tortilla Soup Breadbowl. It is heavenly! =D I also went and bought a journal so that I can practice my writing skillz. =P

Then, last night, dad took us out for ice cream, or in my case, a smoothie!!! I got Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s Very Berry Green Tea, at least I think that’s the name. It had acai, blueberries, strawberries, and matcha green tea. It was yummy!!!!!!

Also, I recently recieved a bamboo steamer, which I had the opportunity to try out last night. I steamed zuchinni, squash, onion, and bell peppers. I then mixed garlic, salt, and pepper into the veggies. They went on my dinner sandwich along with some turkey, cottage cheese, tomato, basil, and salsa. The sandwich was so huge that I had to eat it open-faced!!!!

This morning, I tried yet another new strength training workout. Today’s was Exercise TV’s Incredible Abs 2, which I found on youtube. =P It was pretty intense. I think that I would do it again sometime, but not every day.

Tonight is my sister’s half-year birthday. Since we won’t be in the country for her actual birthday, I decided to take her out to her favorite mexican restaurant tonight instead!!!!!! I can hardly keep from spilling it to her!!!! It’s gonna be a late dinner though, because we’re trying out Zumba for the first time tonight. Classes are being given at our church from 6:15 to 7:15. I’m pretty excited about that too!!!!!!!

Well, I have to get back to school!!!!


Back home and a trip to the doctor

Sooo we just got back from one AMAZING trip filled with concertsand just all-around fun!!!! I took along a cookies n’ cream luna bar and an oatmeal raisin one, and suprisingly, I liked the oatmeal one the best. Usually I go for ANYTHING chocolate. Although, maybe the fact that the cookies n’ cream one was gooey and melted had something to do with my problem…. hmmmm
We went to Mcalister’s today for lunch, and you know that I got a chicken tortilla soup bread bowl!!!! YUM!!! We ended up not stopping to eat an actual lunch, snacking in the car(I had a luna and a mini PEPPERMINT PATTIE!!) and eating a meal around 4.
I’ll probably just have a light dinner, but who knows? I might just get a craving for something heavier….we’ll see.

So tomorrow I’m going to the doctor to have my physical (first in 3 years), and I’m so NERVOUS about it!! Originally my appointment was for 3 weeks from now, but there was a cancellation. I reaaaally don’t like going to the doctor’s. Pray please!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s all for now…so until next time =P

About me, my day and some very important questions.

Ok just so you all have a little background info, I started exercising to lose weight about a year ago. At first it was because I needed to and wanted to be healthier, but even after I reached my goal weight I wouldn’t stop losing. I became terrified of gaining weight and started eating less and less. Recently, along with my mom, I have decided to start eating better and gaining weight, even if that means cutting back on exercise. It has and will be tough, but I know that God will help me through it. I also live in Brazil most of the time, I’m just in the States until January. I’m really hoping that this blog will keep me motivated and that if anyone reads it, they will tell me when I need to eat more.

So anyway, today was an ok day. Started out the morning w/ a chocolate and pb protein shake (my mom wants me to get my vitamins and gain some lean muscle mass too!) and some yummy yogurt with cereal, blueberries, and chocolate Jell-O pudding mix stirred in.  The pudding made the yogurt(which was originally vanilla) soooo yummy and added in some extra calories!

I did do pilates today, so afterwards i ate a Peanut Butter Cookie Luna Bar (YUM!), a slice of bread, and some juice.

Then for lunch, we went to one of my faaaaaavorite restaurants…………. McAlister’s!!!!!! For those of you who have never been, McAlister’s has great sandwiches, spuds, soups and salads. My FAVORITE thing to eat there is a bread bowl of chicken tortilla soup. It’s soooooooo good, and of course its exactly what I orders, along w/ an unsweet tea(to which I added some sugar packages, I just find normal sweet tea too sweet for me =P). If anyone has a recipe for the chicken tortilla soup, PLEASE send it to me!!!!! It would be AWESOME to have it in Brazil!!

Then, after spending some time hanging out at home, I had a yogurt parfait, with layers of yogurt, cherrios and granola!!!! Then I ate a couple of apple slices with about 2 tsp of peanut butter. I guess I was hungry for PB and chocolate today! =D

I had confirmation class at church for the first time today and it was great!!!!!! After that, we went to see a group headed to Brazil off at the airport. It’s so weird that they’re going there and I’m here.

For dinner, I had some shrimp with spicy seasoning salt on top, with rice, a small ear of corn, a slice of bread and some of that broccoli in cheese sauce that comes in a microwaveable bag! Simple and quick, but oooh so good. I also drank a SoBe lifewater (pomegranate cherry).

I now have a question for you all:

Should I post pics of my meals here? Also, do you have any protein shake ideas (I have chocolate powder, but will buy vanilla at some point)? 

Just wondering, would the pictures help? That way ya’ll could have a visual of what it is that I’m really eating. And, so far, I’ve only come up w/ 3 shakes: coffee, pb and blueberry, so some new ones would be nice!! =D

Sorry about the super long post, they shouldn’t all be this long!

Until next time!!!!!