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I get attacked by my blender

I honestly own the most ornery blender in the world. Today, I was making a coffee protein shake and, even though the blender lid was tightly closed, somehow air pressure or something raised it up and I got bathed in coffee. That’s one way to start the day. =D

This weekend was suuuper fun….. after church, we spent all yesterday afternoon at a friend’s, cooking out, swimming, and just having tons of fun. I was sad when it was time to come home. =P

Now, I’m just doing my school work, and trying to do some extra work today so that I can have a “lighter” rest of the week.

I’ve got tons of recipes that I want to try, from Julia Child’s ratatouille to spaghetti squash to shrimp creole. I also have a stack of good cookbooks to look through. Am I the only one who truly gets a kick out of reading cookbooks? I just think that it’s sooo much fun. =P I’ll keep ya’ll posted on how the cooking is going this week!!!! I’m soooo excited about all of my new recipes!!!!!!!!!

Do you have any recipes that you want to share? If so, just post ’em in the comments section! I looooove cooking and want to try out new things!!!!!

Well, sorry about the quick post, but I have to get back to studying!!!!

Buh-bye now! =D


I Love Mexican Food

I guess the title of this post gave away the type of food we ate last night, huh??

We haven’t had mexican in soooo long, we went to a little place called Mi Pueblo’s!!!!! I ordered some grilled shrimp served over rice (which might have had some cheese sauce on it =D, with pico and fresh veggies!! Soo good!! I ate almost EVERYTHING and it was an extremely large portion, so I was pretty stuffed.

This morning, I kept things simple with a peaches n’ cream shake and a bowl of grits. The shake had 1 serving of Aria vanilla protein powder (2 scoops), some water and milk, 1 peach yogurt and some frozen peach slices!! It was awesome!

Now, we’re just hangin’ out and enjoying the weekend. Next week we begin traveling, and things are going to get pretty crazy, so we want to relax and rest up now. Which is why I am now back in bed while writing this post.

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

Trip to the airport and no more school

Last night, at 12:30 pm, my dad arrived at the airport. We came immediately home and went to sleep, only to wake up at 7 AM!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning, I tried out my new Aria Vanilla protein powder!!! It was pretty good in coffee!! A vanilla frapp instead of a mocha I guess….anyhow I would really recommend buying it if you’re not lactose intolerant, it mixes in really well and is inexpensive!!!! I also had some oatmeal with chopped frozen peaches and cinnamon!!! soooo tasty!!

I took my weekly algebra test today, got a 98!!! =D I was pretty happy about that and about the fact that I have officially finished school for the week!!!!

Lunch was good…turkey on an orowheat sandwich thin with mustard, squash, zucchini, lettuce, and banana peppers. On the side I had some grape tomatoes, a plum, half of a string cheese, and a fig newton! Oh, and some pickles too…. =P

We’re just gonna hang out for a while, and then this afternoon, go out and do stuff. We’re probably gonna eat out tonight………don’t know where though =P!

Oh and earlier, I tried the Breakstone cottage cheese/strawberry snack! It was cottage cheese on one side and strawberry preserves on the other. You mix ’em together and eat every bite(at least, that is what I did). Sooo good!!!! I saw pineapple too, and you know that I will try it at some point in the very near future!!!!!

That’s all for now! =D

Catch ya’ later

A biiiiiiiiiiig day

Before I get started on school talk, I HAVE to tell you about the wonderful smoothie that I had this morning. I know, I know…I have a smoothie every morning. But let me tell you, today’s was SPECIAL and also involved no chocolate, which for me, is odd. Anyway, last night I put some peach slices and a container of peach yogurt in the freezer. This morning, I put some orange juice in the blender along with said yogurt and peach slices. Then I added some sugar and cottage cheese(for extra protein :P) and blended. It was soo thick, I had to eat it with a spoon at first!!!!!!! Perfect way to start the day!

I know that to most, 5 hours of school doesn’t sound like much. But I’m not talking about a normal school, where you have a 7 hour day that includes lunch, breaks, distractions,etc. I’m talking about a total of 5 hours in which I did nothing but schoolwork. I’m homeschooled (or internet-schooled, whichever =P), and a typical day is about 3 hours of work(minus lunch and snacks =P). I did a LOT of extra work today because tomorrow, some family from West Virginia will be in town and we’re going to go see them.

I did, however, get to go to Panera Bread for the first time EVER. It was sooooo yummy!!!!!!! I got half of a strawberry poppyseed chicken salad(no pecans….blegh) and a cup of garden vegetable soup with pesto. Sooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I came home and did more school.

Also, I found out that my camera is officially dead and cannot be fixed, which stinks. =(

In a couple of hours a friend (the same one that came for dinner wed. and who took me to Whole Foods) is coming for dinner again. We’re gonna have sweet potatoes, corn and hamburger steaks w/ mushrooms.

That’s about it for now…………


A brand new smoothie and an afternoon out

So, ya’ll have waited patiently………..do ya want to know what my smoothie was this morning????

If you do, here it is:

1 container of Kroger Carbmaster yogurt(I used raspberry), as much oj and water as you need to make 10 oz (depends on how orangey you want the smoothie to be), half of a frozen plum, a couple of tbsp of cottage cheese (you don’t taste it at all, its just there to add creaminess and protein)!! Thats it!! It was sooooooooooooo good!! Fruity and refreshing and still had about 14 grams of protein!!!! Wohoooo!! Of course, that is just what I decided to use, the beauty of a smoothie is that you can ALWAYS change it up. Use a different juice, more fruit, milk instead of juice, just water, coffee, add sherbet instead of yogurt…..the choices are endless!!!!!!! Gotta love a recipe like that! =D Do you like smoothies or shakes???? If so, what’s your favorite recipe?

Later this morning, the same friend who came over last night is coming by to pick me up and take me to lunch, and then to the Whole Foods Market!!!!! I haven’t been there yet, so I’m pretty excited about it!!!!!!!!!! Also, just like I did last week, I have confirmation class at church at 2 pm, which is good!!!! What it all means, though, is that I’ll probably just end up posting again tonight, with one BIG post summarizing the day!

I actually ended up doing today’s schoolwork yesterday……so now I have time to blog!!!! =D I’m also gonna do my typical pilates routine in a little while. That’s about it for now!!!!


Dinner with a friend and lots of books

So I told ya’ll that a good friend was coming over for dinner. We had suuch an awesome time!!!!! The chicken was wonderful, you HAVE to try the McCormick Garlic, Wine and Herb seasoning! It’s high in sodium, but tastes wonderful!!!! We also had stewed potatoes with salt, pepper and oregano, brown rice with garlic(lust a little, not overpowering), black beans and a brazilian sort of pico de gallo. All it is is diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro and green bell pepper mixed together. Nothing else added to it. It’s sooo good on top of rice and beans, on sandwiches, or on anything else that just needs some veggies!

Now I love to read, so, when this friend came over, she brought a BOX of her favorite books for me to read!!!! I’m sooo excited! My first book is White Chocolate Moments by Lori Wick. I actually chose it because it had chocolate in the title, but it looks like it will be super sweet! I’ll keep you updated on it as I begin to read it.

Tomorrow morning I’m gonna try a new smoothie!!!! I can’t tell you what it is yet, so you’ll just have to wait a couple of hours!! I hope it’s good!!!! I just needed a change from my normal shake, and invented this one. We’ll see how it turns out in the morning!

Well, I guess that’s about it!

Sweet Dreams =P

About me, my day and some very important questions.

Ok just so you all have a little background info, I started exercising to lose weight about a year ago. At first it was because I needed to and wanted to be healthier, but even after I reached my goal weight I wouldn’t stop losing. I became terrified of gaining weight and started eating less and less. Recently, along with my mom, I have decided to start eating better and gaining weight, even if that means cutting back on exercise. It has and will be tough, but I know that God will help me through it. I also live in Brazil most of the time, I’m just in the States until January. I’m really hoping that this blog will keep me motivated and that if anyone reads it, they will tell me when I need to eat more.

So anyway, today was an ok day. Started out the morning w/ a chocolate and pb protein shake (my mom wants me to get my vitamins and gain some lean muscle mass too!) and some yummy yogurt with cereal, blueberries, and chocolate Jell-O pudding mix stirred in.  The pudding made the yogurt(which was originally vanilla) soooo yummy and added in some extra calories!

I did do pilates today, so afterwards i ate a Peanut Butter Cookie Luna Bar (YUM!), a slice of bread, and some juice.

Then for lunch, we went to one of my faaaaaavorite restaurants…………. McAlister’s!!!!!! For those of you who have never been, McAlister’s has great sandwiches, spuds, soups and salads. My FAVORITE thing to eat there is a bread bowl of chicken tortilla soup. It’s soooooooo good, and of course its exactly what I orders, along w/ an unsweet tea(to which I added some sugar packages, I just find normal sweet tea too sweet for me =P). If anyone has a recipe for the chicken tortilla soup, PLEASE send it to me!!!!! It would be AWESOME to have it in Brazil!!

Then, after spending some time hanging out at home, I had a yogurt parfait, with layers of yogurt, cherrios and granola!!!! Then I ate a couple of apple slices with about 2 tsp of peanut butter. I guess I was hungry for PB and chocolate today! =D

I had confirmation class at church for the first time today and it was great!!!!!! After that, we went to see a group headed to Brazil off at the airport. It’s so weird that they’re going there and I’m here.

For dinner, I had some shrimp with spicy seasoning salt on top, with rice, a small ear of corn, a slice of bread and some of that broccoli in cheese sauce that comes in a microwaveable bag! Simple and quick, but oooh so good. I also drank a SoBe lifewater (pomegranate cherry).

I now have a question for you all:

Should I post pics of my meals here? Also, do you have any protein shake ideas (I have chocolate powder, but will buy vanilla at some point)? 

Just wondering, would the pictures help? That way ya’ll could have a visual of what it is that I’m really eating. And, so far, I’ve only come up w/ 3 shakes: coffee, pb and blueberry, so some new ones would be nice!! =D

Sorry about the super long post, they shouldn’t all be this long!

Until next time!!!!!