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Surprising my sister

Sooo sorry about not posting anything yesterday…….I went out with my dad for lunch at McAlister’s!!!!!! Soo yummy! My absolute favorite thing to get there is the Chicken Tortilla Soup Breadbowl. It is heavenly! =D I also went and bought a journal so that I can practice my writing skillz. =P

Then, last night, dad took us out for ice cream, or in my case, a smoothie!!! I got Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s Very Berry Green Tea, at least I think that’s the name. It had acai, blueberries, strawberries, and matcha green tea. It was yummy!!!!!!

Also, I recently recieved a bamboo steamer, which I had the opportunity to try out last night. I steamed zuchinni, squash, onion, and bell peppers. I then mixed garlic, salt, and pepper into the veggies. They went on my dinner sandwich along with some turkey, cottage cheese, tomato, basil, and salsa. The sandwich was so huge that I had to eat it open-faced!!!!

This morning, I tried yet another new strength training workout. Today’s was Exercise TV’s Incredible Abs 2, which I found on youtube. =P It was pretty intense. I think that I would do it again sometime, but not every day.

Tonight is my sister’s half-year birthday. Since we won’t be in the country for her actual birthday, I decided to take her out to her favorite mexican restaurant tonight instead!!!!!! I can hardly keep from spilling it to her!!!! It’s gonna be a late dinner though, because we’re trying out Zumba for the first time tonight. Classes are being given at our church from 6:15 to 7:15. I’m pretty excited about that too!!!!!!!

Well, I have to get back to school!!!!


Overnight Oats!!!!

I’m sooooo excited!!!!!! I’m making oats for the FIRST time ever!!! I saw the recipe on pbfingers.com and have been wanting to try it since. I’ll repost the original recipe. Julie, apparently, actually cooks the oatmeal and puts it in the fridge overnight, mixing in yogurt in the morning, instead of letting raw oatmeal soak in yogurt overnight. That idea sounded better to me, so it’s what I tried. It will be perfect because my dad wants to leave at 7 AM tomorrow, so I needed something that would be super quick!!!!!

Here’s what I put in it:

Prepared oatmeal


Tomorrow morning I will add:

Vanilla yogurt

Chocolate protein powder

Pretty complete quick breakfast, eh? I can’t wait!!!!

Mom and my sister went out tonight, so dad and I stayed home and watched Teen Wolf!! Such a cute movie! I cannot believe that Hollywood is thinking of remaking it! No one can replace Michael J. Fox!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I guess I’m more tired than I thought.

Anyhow, I would just like to say that I have overcome my fear of Larabars and have become fully addicted to them! The cherry pie flavor is amazing! I think I like fruit flavors best, and will stick to luna bars or pria bars for the chocolatey ones!!!! =D I’ve been feeling a whole lot better about myself lately, so that’s really good!!!!!

I’m gonna go before I bore you all to death with my random musings about food!

See ya sometime tomorrow (hopefully)

Trip preparations

I got started on school suuuuper early today, so that I could spend the afternoon getting ready to leave tomorrow. I’ve already done all of my work AND exercised!!!!! I’m a little nervous about the trip, though…

Breakfast was boring oatmeal, sooo I’m gonna skip to lunch!!!!

Lunch was wonderful!!! I made mini pizzas on both halves of a sandwich thin. I put marinara, bell pepper, onion, chicken and mozzarella on each. I ate them with some cucumber slices, a pickle and a fig newton! Sooo good!!!!!!

Just now, I decided to use the can of chickpeas that has been sitting in the cabinet. No, I did not make hummus, because I’m too lazy. =D I washed the chickpeas and then mixed them with some cumin, garlic salt, spicy season-all and pepper. Then, I put them on a skillet sprayed with cooking spray and roasted them for a few minutes. Sooo simple, yet sooo tasty!!!!  I’m gonna use them in snack bags for tomorrow!!!!

Here’s the more exact recipe:

1 can of chickpeas

.25 tsp of garlic salt, pepper, cumin, season-all or to taste

Cooking spray

After draining and rinsing the chickpeas, put them in a bowl and add the seasonings. If you want, you can change up the amounts or the seasonings themselves, depending on what you like. Then, put the chikpeas in a large skillet sprayed with cooking spray or with a tsp of oil. Cover and roast the chickpeas on med-high until they start to make popcorn noises, or for about 5 minutes. Enjoy!!!!!

That’s about all that I’ve got for now….


School overload and a turkey sandwich

Wow! That’s all I can say! For those of you out there who think that internet school would be easy, think again!! Some teachers gave us poor students an easy reentry into the school system, but others……..wow! Almost 100 math questions just to start with, a chem TEST, 4 chapters of bible study book, an essay, 2 chem labs, and more! suuuper fun…….

So, to de-stress myself, I made a yummy turkey sammich!!!! It had a couple slices of oscar mayer shaved cracked pepper turkey (not too “healthy”, but oh so good), some salsa verde, banana peppers, bell pepper and lemon juice, which I stole from bk(it came in a little packet, and I love lemon juice on salads and stuff =P) !!!! Sounds strange, but tastes wonderful!! I also figured that I deserved a nice little dessert of a three musketeers mini!!!! Those things are wonderful!!!! Now all I have to do is buy some mini peppermint patties and I’ll be set!!  Or, I’ve been DYING to try the mint three musketeers, which sounds like a cross between my two favs!!! Has anyone had one yet? If so, what does it taste like?

I’m taking a quick break to blog all of this, and then its back to work for this girl!! We’re having a friend come over for dinner later, soooo we’re gonna cook a nice big brazilian meal of rice, beans and chicken (seasoned with the not so brazilian mccormick garlic, wine and herb marinade). YUMMY!!!! I can’t wait for school to be over!!!!!!

Tchau!!!! (bye in portuguese =P)

One dead camera, healthy pancakes and yet another movie

Sadly, my camera has officially died. Soo that means no pics at all =(, unless of course I steal my mother’s camera….=P. Let us have a moment of silence for my poor 3 year old camera that has left this world today.

Moving on.

Healthy pancakes are the next item in my title. You might think that it is impossible to have pancakes that are both yummy AND healthy, but after I stumbled upon the recipe featured here:http://pbfingers.com/2010/03/17/kiss-me-im-not-irish/, and I saw that not only are these ‘cakes super healthy and protein-loaded, they are CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my book, that makes them just about perfect and completely justifies my making them for dinner instead of breakfast.

I did in fact tweak the recipe just a little bit, so here it is:

1 scoop chocolate protein powder (I used Spiru-Tein Chocolate)

1 medium egg (Because the fat in eggs is actually good, and also because I don’t believe in wasting anything =P)

2 tbsp lowfat cottage cheese (2tbsp=1/8 cup)

Then I just mixed everything until the batter was smooth, and dropped tablespoonfuls onto a griddle sprayed with cooking spray. Make sure to spread these things out some with a spatula, because the batter is thick and you want them to cook all the way through. While the first side was cooking, I dropped a couple of blueberries into each pancake and then flipped them to let them finish cooking. Guess what I topped them with????

Not syrup. or butter. or whipped cream. or even fresh fruit.

I topped my chocolate protein pancakes with PEANUT BUTTER!!!! I guess I was hungry for both chocolate and peanut butter today………I even ate a mini three musketeers(my other fav. chocolate bar) after lunch today.

I’m not going to post them here, but the stats on these pancakes were pretty impressive AND they tasted wonderful too. I can sense a beautiful new friendship blossoming………….you’ll probably hear about these sometime in the near future. Thanks to Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers for posting this recipe!!!!!

I also ate more breakfast-y items for dinner today: a bowl of instant oatmeal, which, instead of making with water or milk, I make with some spiced tea, topped with (more) blueberries, some toast and a big ol’ glass of orange juice. Maybe missing my usual breakfast caused me to want all of this for dinner……..hmmmm no complaints here =P.

My sister and I are gonna rent a movie at the redbox to watch tonight!!!! Super fun!!!! Oh and by the way, Ramona and Beezus was cuter than I thought it would be. Of course I managed to embarass myself by trying to get to the ladies’ room by opening the exit that leads to the outside rather than to the hallway in the MIDDLE of the movie….but that’s just typical me.

Off to pick a movie……..my internet classes start tomorrow……fuuun stuff =P.

Catch ya  later.